1:1 i-Collaboration

. . . is a fast, broad-based, cost-effective process for gathering, analyzing and ranking actionable requirements from thousands of customers, users and employees with unparalleled objectivity, reliability and speed. This unique solution:

  • Sparks high levels of well-focused, frontline participation
  • Produces clear, complete, requirements statements
  • Captures global actionable requirements in a few days
  • Aggregates, quantifies and ranks based on market impact
  • Builds loyalty via an objective, relevant, participant-driven process

1:1 Breakthrough:  Structured, web-based interviews focus participants on the most important requirements.  Complete, consistently-organized requirements statements address the what, how and why -- in minutes.  Inputs are aggregated and analyzed in real time.  The result is a short list of quantified, actionable recommendations ranked by impact -- with no bias, errors or delays.  Guaranteed!

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Go beyond online surveys, focus groups and strategic account interviews . . .
. . . to broad-based, personalized, real time 1:1 i-Collaboration.
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