About 1:1 Corporation

Our Purpose

We drive rapid business improvement by enabling senior managers to act as if they are in an “early stage” company -- where they are in direct touch with the frontline, able to garner pinpoint recommendations for improving products, services and processes from a broad mix of customers, employees and partners, and act quickly and confidently to align the organization's priorities based solely on what’s best for the business.

The Business Problem

Competition demands continual improvements in products, services and business functions; Wall Street demands continual improvements in performance; Sarbanes-Oxley demands continual improvements in communications between employees and management; and employees and customers demand to be heard about how to improve these areas.  Although the best ideas come from employees and customers, there has been no way to tap these resources broadly and deeply in a time- and cost-effective manner ... until now.  The 1:1 i-Collaboration approach is a breakthrough.

With fast paced markets, short product cycles and a daunting number of enhancement requests, traditional intelligence approaches can’t keep up, and decisions are made with insufficient hard data.  As a result, project returns are low and lost opportunity costs high.

Traditional surveys are designed to measure, but not to obtain pinpoint improvement recommendations that are clear, quantified and complete.  Surveys are broad in reach but short on specifics.  Other approaches such as personal interviews and focus groups are rich in specifics but are narrow in reach.  Traditional methods are:

  • Biased, slow, error-prone and inconsistent with respect to process and project team skill levels

  • Unable to deliver recommendations prioritized on the basis of hard, quantified business impact

  • Expensive in staff time, consultant & service fees, comment analysis & translation costs, travel & communication expenses

There is a need for a new intelligence paradigm enabling management to fully tap customers, employees and partners for their best improvement ideas and to quickly extract those that have the greatest business impact.

Genesis of 1:1 Corporation

The 1:1 Corporation team is experienced in general management, information technology, software development, business process consulting, market research and online surveys. We understand traditional intelligence approaches, but more importantly we understand running a business.  Our company was born out of the team’s frustration with traditional approaches that fail to provide:

  • Timely, unbiased, pinpoint recommendations supported by a critical mass of hard data

  • A fast, holistic feedback process that customers, employees and partners like and respect

We saw that although surveys raise red flags over broadly-defined business functions, they don’t provide specific information in sufficient quantity to make immediate decisions with high confidence.  Although other more personal approaches go deeper, they only do so with a limited number of participants, raising serious concerns about data reliability.

In an early stage company, senior managers are in close proximity with customers, employees and partners, and so they easily sort out the critical few needs.  As companies grow, stakeholder needs grow exponentially and the ever-deeper layers of management tend to filter and delay the information flow:

There are other even more profound problems with traditional approaches:

  • Substantial lost opportunity costs that result when high impact needs are not met in a timely manner

  • The wasted cost of  “minimal or no impact” and “cancelled" projects

  • Huge lost opportunity costs -- factors larger than all others -- from not getting “every brain in the game” or even coming close

Why hasn’t senior management done a better job of leveraging customers, employees and partners on a broad scale?  Until now, there has been no way to get pinpoint recommendations on a broad basis, aggregate them, and sort out them out without overwhelming the organization and the budget.  There has been no way to get there . . . until now.

We've taken a fresh approach. Our goal was to enable management to stay in tune with the most pressing needs of customers, employees and partners, and to motivate these constituents to share their insights and ideas frequently and wholeheartedly.  We saw the need for “out-of-the-box” thinking that reflects the efficient process, good people sense and savvy management practices needed to drive rapid business improvement.

Our vision led to uniquely powerful methodologies for gathering, analyzing and prioritizing pinpoint recommendations, enabled by patent-pending technology. These methodologies go wide and deep; they are holistic and participant-driven; they are fast and cost-effective; and the data they produce is actionable, virtually indisputable and delivered fresh in just days.

We make these capabilities available as a service that enables our clients to see value in a little as 30 days including content tailoring, interview set-up, QA, nine day interview cycle, aggregation, analysis and presentation of recommendations.  Contact us to learn more.

Back to the future -- when a company is new, everyone is in touch with the frontline and the key priorities.  Our job is to make large organizations feel small again.

Management Team

A.G. "Fred" Altomare --  Fred has extensive general management experience in enterprise solutions, market research, customer intelligence and management systems consulting. Fred served as EVP & COO, Decisive Technology, a leader in Internet-based surveys and technology, where he productized the first continuous customer satisfaction tracking system; SVP CRM Group, InfoGain, where he directed software consultants and other IT professionals in the implementation of leading-edge CRM solutions; VP Professional Services, Document Sciences, a Xerox company, and a leader in high performance database marketing solutions; WW VP & GM, ICL-Fujitsu, Retail Indirect Channel Operations Group responsible for strategy, product development, marketing, sales and professional services; VP Vendor Consulting, Gartner, where he created the industry’s first continuous IT solution acquisition analysis system; Co-Founder & SVP Marketing & Sales, InfoCorp, a high-tech market research and subscription services company. Fred began his career with IBM where he developed his management information systems expertise.

Michael Tilson -- Mike was Senior VP, Technology - Rainmaker Systems, which provides outsourced customer relationship management services, responsible for product strategy, development, delivery and information systems; Senior VP, Products - Tiburon, Inc.., a leader in mission-critical public safety software, responsible for product strategy and development; GM, Service Division and interim CEO - Decisive Technology, which delivered real time customer intelligence via an application services model; VP WW Engineering, Senior VP Services and CIO - Santa Cruz Operation (SCO), a leading supplier of Unix systems; President & CEO - HCR Corporation, a Canadian software development company that created Unix-based products for OEMs such as IBM.

Dr. Lewis C. Winters, PhD -- Dr. Winters has more than 30 years of experience in marketing and opinion research, communication strategy and measurement of communication effectiveness. He is a recognized expert in branding, which has to do with attracting and retaining customers and employees. Dr. Winters has written numerous research articles. As founder, President & CEO of Reputation Measures, Inc. he has helped Fortune 500 companies develop programs and communication strategies that lead to increased customer and employee loyalty. Prior to this Dr. Winters supervised marketing research and opinion research at Chevron and before that, DuPont. He is a former adjunct faculty member at the Stanford Graduate School of Business and the Santa Clara University Graduate School of Business. He is a member of the American Psychological Association and American Marketing Association. Dr. Winters has also served on the Board of Trustees of the Marketing Science Institute.


We work with consulting organizations to incorporate 1:1 i-Collaboration as part of their practice areas.  We work with technology partners to build the foundation of our solutions.


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