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Client Testimonials

Here are some testimonials we've received from clients using 1:1 i-Collaboration.

"1:1 Corporation’s data is quantified, objective, complete and actionable; far superior to anything I've ever seen.  Most impressive is their turn-around time; we were able to set priorities in a couple of weeks, months sooner than if we had to wade through all those comments. The 1:1 approach is a very clever."

-- Director, Applications Technology at a leading enterprise applications company.

"The results of our first project with 1:1 Corporation have carried more force for change within the organization than all other surveys of recent memory combined.  This is because of the very high response rate we achieved and because the nature of the 1:1 interview ensures that results focus squarely on the most important issues."

-- Director of Product Operations at a leading enterprise technology company.

“The 1:1 process covers all the bases helping us not to miss some important factors.  The data and analysis is complete, well-structured and fresh, which gives us a great deal of confidence in making our investment decisions.”

-- Director, Strategy & Business Development a a major communications and networking company

Case Study:  Enterprise Software Company:  Product Enhancement Priorities


This case study involves a well-respected enterprise software company that was unhappy with the way it was setting product enhancement priorities.  At the time 1:1 Corporation was brought into the situation, product management was working with free form text comments from a customer user satisfaction survey that had been concluded a year earlier.  Since user satisfaction surveys are done on behalf of executive management to get a general “sense” of how the company is doing, and not to hone in on what most needs to be improved with respect to specific products, the data wasn’t working well for product management looking to take timely, high impact action.  So in addition to the survey text comments, product managers were using “deep dive” techniques including round tables, focus groups, narrow topic surveys and personal interviews.  And although these methods were yielding specific, actionable data, the number of customers involved was so sparse, management questioned whether or not the findings were projectable.  In any event, management usually found the data to be too light and old to warrant a high degree of confidence, plus they had concerns about bias, but there was no other alternative . . . until 1:1.

In the words of the product strategy executive who decided on the 1:1 approach:  “There are thousands of things to do and we don’t have a reliable process for sorting out the ones that matter most.  In addition, those thousands of things come from customers who also don’t have a good prioritization process. So we make too many bad decisions as evidenced by our high rate of cancelled projects.”

Using traditional methods, negotiating priorities across the enterprise and obtaining project funding was taking from 6 to 12 months.  Once the product managers were ready with their recommendations, it was taking about 3 months for all the necessary parties to sign off.

Enter 1:1 Corporation

The 1:1 solution was immediately seen as an alternative to the “deep dive” intelligence methods, not as an alternative to customer satisfaction surveys. The executive felt that both approaches have their place with surveys telling you how you’re doing at the 50,000 foot level and 1:1 i-Collaboration telling you what most needs to be improved at the 2500 foot level. This was seen as a far faster, better way to secure immediately actionably intelligence at far less “real” cost; the “real” cost for this client being the high number of cancelled and low-impact projects, further inflated by huge lost opportunity costs from not having done the highest impact things in the first place.

The client executive decided to apply the 1:1 approach to an area that had broad customer applicability, the tools and processes used in conjunction with the company’s portfolio of enterprise applications to see if:

  • Recommendations would be delivered within a day or two of the closing the online interviews

  • Staff and management felt 1:1 data was compelling and immediately actionable

  • Customers liked the 1:1 interview process as attested by their ratings, feedback volume and completion rate

  • The process would significantly shorten the time it took to set priorities and allocate project funding

  • The initial project would be completed in 30 days, including content tailoring, interviews, analysis and recommendations

From the time the project was kicked off, the content was tailored in the 1st and 2nd weeks, the interview built and email addresses in place in the 2nd week, a thousand online interviews were conducted in the 3rd and 4th week, and the user recommendations aggregated, analyzed, prioritized by business impact and presented in 36 hours; from kickoff to final report in less than one month.

Most importantly, after the results were delivered, project priorities were set rapidly:


The Result

Reactions to the 1:1 approach:

  • Customer participants rated the process an 8 on a 10-scale as compared to traditional surveys that typically see 4’s.
  • The completion rate was about 50% higher than traditional online surveys.
  • Participants provided 1.5 recommendations per interview, which has grown to 2.5 over the last 2 years.
  • Priorities were set within 2 to 3 weeks versus the usual 2 to 3 months with data that management saw as being virtually indisputable.
  • One executive found it hard to believe he was looking at data that was less than 4 days old versus 6 to 12 months old on average.
  • Another executive thought that the rapid turnaround from feedback to management report brought a great deal of integrity to the communications process.  He said, “I’ll never hear these words again -- ‘Oh, we fixed that since the data was gathered.’ -- When the data is clear, hard and fresh within a few days, those are words of the past.  Amen.”

The client found some other unique qualities about the process:

  • The client project director told us, “We were stunned by positive tone and details contained within the 1:1 free form comments so we went back and looked at the comments in our last sat survey.  No comparison.  The 1:1 comments are typically positive, clear, concise and valuable.  About 70% of the survey comments we looked at contained negative terms; we saw none of that in the 1:1 comments.”
  • Because the process is participant-driven, the content is holistic and relevant and the process is fast, the participants are likely to feel respected and show their respect to those who behind the process by being constructive and helpful.
  • Highlighting the highest impact recommendations means that over half of the free form text comments never have to be read.  And all comments are pre-organized, analyzed and reported, saving considerable time and effort.  If comments need to be translated, there are additional savings because translation can be confined to only the top recommendations.

The initial project clearly justified continuation of the 1:1 i-Collaboration service and has been a mainstay for this product group for more than 2 years.  About a year into the program, the client project director told us, “Initially we thought the value of 1:1 was in helping us quickly decide what TO DO, now we believe the real value is in telling us what NOT to do.  Since we run interviews every 6 months, if some executive tells us that based on a recent customer meeting, the market is screaming for something, we review our data with him or her, to see if that something is really on our radar screen.”  The cost of changing priorities and cancelling projects that can’t be defended is huge.  The 1:1 approach has helped this client reduce that cost and focus on those enhancements that have the highest impact on the business.

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