Consulting Partners

Consulting organizations can add significant value for their clients by incorporating the 1:1 i-Collaboration solution into their practice areas.  We are interested in forging relationships in these areas:

  • Hospitals and health care
  • Information Technology operations / outsourcing
  • Business performance management
  • Enterprise application implementation & management
  • Customer service / contact centers
  • Sales productivity
  • Human resource / productivity management

Partners are responsible for developing new business in their client base while we provide sales support, content development and delivery.  We serve as the partnerís agent with the partner maintaining complete account control.  As partners become knowledgeable they can assume more responsibilities.  Partners follow their own business model and set their own prices for their services.  We perform our services to the partner with defined costs based upon responsibility levels and volume.  Contact us for more information.

Technology Partners

These companies have provided key technologies and development support:

We provide our services on Confirmit, the world's leading software for Market Research (MR) and Enterprise Feedback Management (EFM).  We use the Confirmit survey engine as a key component to implement our advanced interview process, specifically for providing the standard facilities needed to construct the front-end web interface for 1:1 interview participants.  Confirmit provides a reliable, scalable and highly secure operating platform for our 24/7 global online interviews.
Our development, reporting and internet presence is hosted by 1&1 Internet.  One of the largest hosting service providers in the world, 1&1 Internet is known for its stable, 24/7, scalable, secure, cost-effective operating platform.
Kanrad Technologies provides architectural / design services as well as with US- and offshore state-of-the art development skills.  In addition we are working with Kanrad to develop solutions based upon Kanradís experience in the area of phone-based data gathering.
WinVision has been a key partner, providing critical implementation services during our early development phase.

Watch this space as we announce new alliances.

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